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Once that happens, things begin to fall into place, yes, even financial security. Dear Michele…. I do understand. I was a born worry wart. Its scary for me. But, I know the only thing I can do is trust in something higher. Thanks Donna,that stellium also sits within a tight bundle pattern unfortunately. I have one trine in my chart…. My whole life seems to have been stuck within that trine of uranus and saturn.

I will look at handbook. Hello Donna, I read your post about Ms. Thank you for this tip! I will seek out the issue of the Mountain Astrologer magazine you speak of and read it for myself very soon. My mercury sits in the sign of Aires at It forms a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer at 0 degrees. When I was laid off of a long time job working at a nonprofit school for homeless children in Seattle, I attended Massage school, graduated at 47 and am now a busy, practicing Massage therapist and energy worker.

This is my destiny work. I feel it in the core of my being. And I recognize the growth that remains to be enjoyed during this lifetime, as I explore the final 2 minutes of Aires communication and learning. I have often been told by my teachers that I am always one step ahead in the learning process, and often several. I am very patient thankfully!

I LOVE to learn. Any insights on my path would be welcomed and I sincerely thank you for your engaging and lovely way of sharing your work and your beautiful voice in this world we share. Thank you Donna; thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a brilliant woman. Thank you, Regina. That is an excellent and well-documented explanation of how you use that Mercury at 29 Aries. Mercury in Aries is known for its quick wittedness, independence of thinking, and tendency to pioneer in communication matters, but also a wee tendency to sharpness of the tongue.

I enjoyed reading this, Regina. By solar arc direction, that Mars would be in Gemini now, and that can give energy to any learning, make you thirsty to know more. I have Uranus at 29 degrees in Virgo in the 1st house in my chart I also have the Sun and Pluto in Virgo in the 1st, with Jupiter in Virgo straddling the fence in the 12th. Donna, you must have an interesting chart. A Sun-Pluto conjunction makes you an honorary Scorpio no matter what the sign, and gives intense focus—you may not have found the area or the company that encourages it. I know so many people with that placement who start out doing something menial and insignificant, and suddenly its catapulted into something major and they are then the expert.

Uranus in 29 Virgo may have already progressed into Scorpio in your solar arc directions, which is a tip of the hat to that Sun-Pluto natal conjunction. Hello, again, Donna.

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I apologize for posting so many comments, but this thread is so interesting to me, and I am laid up in bed with the flu this week. Anyway, the contrast of late-bloomers and early expressions of calling in people with the 29th degree reminds me of something I have learned about over several years working with gifted children: the concept of asynchrony.

The asynchrony can cause great frustration for the child, and her teachers and therapists, but rarely is it permanently debilitating. The development just proceeds on a different timetable. Fascinating, Mary. It may have a similar astrological signature as savants. Thanks for bringing it up and I hope you get to feeling better.

Thank you for the interesting information! My sun is at 29 cancer. My 12th house Sun is I have a restless spirit, it seems I need change and new experiences. I am an enthusiastic starter, not such a great finisher. By: Rian on November 19, at am. Thanks for your description, Rian. We seem to have a lot of 29 degree Mercurys on this blog—lots of readers who think outside the box. My Mercury is My Sun is 0. The cusps of the 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 9th houses are at I have True node 29 deg.

Opposite Sun Capricorn 9 degrees. The way to do that is at the bottom of this post. Oh yes, understood. Bri, I think you have to look at the chart to see the commonalities of degrees. Excellent point, Michelle. Currently at comments, so much good sharing. By: Donna Cunningham on November 21, at am. Hi Michelle, sorry for the delay, I have nothing else in cancer except for asteroid Pallas 11th house 15 degrees.

As for stelliums in the charts of famous people: check out the chart of designer Donna Karan: at least one interesting stellium concerning her sun, moon and Neptune. Unfortunately her hour is not confirmed. Still, what is there remains fascinating. A chart of a driven and successful woman making a splash in dress designing, traditionally a bastion of men. Hi Donna, just wanted to ad that President Trump has 2p Leo rising. Hrs a big Purdy tat with Military perferment , espically with mars nearby in the w2th at 25 Leo.

Perfect for draining the swamp of globalist bought off congressmen. Sun at 29 degrees 8mn. Leo, conjuncts Fixed Star Regulus to the minute in the 11th house and mercury retrograde at 25 degrees 31 mn. Excelled in the military in most recent past life. The 29th degree of Leo is also called the sphinx…Lion? One time after a 5 day fast from food and water and dancing 5 days Sundance ceremony I stupidly broke the fast by feasting on steak, potatoes and eggs which freaked out my kidneys with stones and I passed them in the hospital emergency bathroom.

However the staff was concerned and hooked me up to an IV. There were no adult beds left so I was put in a childrens room where there was a white satin Lion holding a red heart on my bed.. Only an astrologer could appreciate it. Jupiter is 29 degrees 28 mn Virgo in the 12th house; is conjunct Chiron at 3 degrees 34 mn Libra and Neptune at 5 degrees 50 mn. Guess that means Sun semi sextiles Jupiter. YES the casual observer would think I was a risk taker but I do not see it that way, with good reason.

Yes,, an unusual childhood and yes, Tribal purpose fits nicely. The Janus archetype fits and I even had a dream telling me I was like Janus. After I woke I had to look up the word because I was unfamiliar with it. As far as loneliness…I am not lonely but prefer going on my missions alone which seems easyer and more efficient.

Loneliness is an illusion. We are never alone because we are one cell in a greater body. Hope this confirmation of your studies helps. Thanks for expanding on the 29th degree. Aug 21 there is an eclipse at 29 Leo….

Dave’s “Best of the Best” list of Astrology ...

This is interesting for me. Its on my birthday, Aug Also the last eclipse viewed in Minnesota was in. March and we had several events following. The national guard was called in, on one of our No. Indian reservations.

today's featured reader

Also there was a rare for our state…. I viewed the March earthquake…everything turned a beautiful pink color as the moon crossed the Sun. My youngest son was born 2 months early in May 79 and Another eclipse was on my birthday following his birth, but that one was not visible in the USA. This up coming eclipse at the 29th degree should be a great opportunity for your study of the 29th degree. Another person to keep an eye on in President Trump with 29 Leo rising.

Consecration to a higher power. The giving-over of the personal will—the marvel of root change. Coming to the end of your own path, and it is just the beginning of the greater way. The heart must open. The infinite must be born inside. The destiny-necessity is there—so much karmic backlog. So many ways to be right and to be wrong. The realization in the very midst that there is nobody listening to the old tale and everybody is awaiting somebody else to come through. A profound and utter doorway into a great unknown. What has been is finished.

What shall be is so very different. And what is now is a question and a prayer and a destiny that must find its redemption. Thank you Matthew. I checked out a web link and was able to read up on my Mercury 29 Taurus. Thanks for sharing this, Barehand. I think you also make an important clarification about loneliness—one can be alone without being lonely.

I knew when I read this email it would affect me. I have 29 degrees Mercury in Cancer and one of my sons has 29 degrees Sun in Virgo. I definitely want to read more about this. But seeing the comments about late bloomers, both my son and I are definitely late bloomers! Fascinating information. I have Saturn at 29 Virgo 49, in the 5th house. And a stellium in Pisces: Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter all at 20 Pisces within a very few minutes of each other.

And north node at 19 Pisces. My Saturn placement is sort of a crisis placement in my life, I feel. Something triggering this point, usually sets off some sort of crisis in my life. And for me, it seems to be the Big Girl Panties placement…I most often can not really depend on any help.. I have to sort it and figure it out on my own. Late bloomer is right. This thread is a pearl neck-lace. But this shares on late-bloomers is encouraging…. It helped me realize so many things! I have a stellium of Mars and Neptune exactly conj. Midheaven 8 scorpio , and I also have Lilith 29 Sagittarius conj.

Venus 28 Sag. However, the concept of Janusian thinking and a prominent 29th degree makes very much sense to me as I am also a synesthetic who perceives all kinds of sounds as colours, something which has been quite helpful in keeping all those languages apart. But I am also a late bloomer and definitely one who has to go it alone. I left my husband and home after 25 years at the age of 51 under a heavy Pluto-transit to my Venus and all of the above mentioned planets to get a job that has since allowed me to support myself all on my own and a home that is all mine, with nobody bossing me around.

Hi, I have my Saturn at 29 deg in Gemini conjunct Mars. It made me willing to buy this edition of Mountain Astrologer! This certainly applies to me. It is also my case as you can see from the aspects I mentioned, but other aspects in my chart show it, namely a Cancer Sun and Ascendant, and Moon square Uranus.

I will probably be a late bloomer Moon in Capricorn after working hard and many setbacks. Furthermore, I have a completely Out of Bounds Moon, which seems to increase the effect of the 29th degree Mars, according to Michele Adler. And Moon quincunx Mars. My Saturn is at 29 degrees 07 minutes in Virgo in the 6th house. It is conjunct the South Node at 27 degrees Virgo. I have the TMA article. A whole new expression of something familiar. The duad article was great, so is this blog. Wintermoon, yes, absolutely. A 29 degree planet or Moon out of bounds OOB certainly ratchets up the effect of the 29th degree.

I can only say that the jury is out on the outer planets as to whether they are OOB. By: Michele Adler on November 22, at pm. My MC is at 29 degrees Libra. The unique way my public life has tread the borders over the years of my adult years … that MC within minutes of a stellium in Scorpio in the 10th House all squaring a stellium in Leo.

I will look forward to your conversation tomorrow, as I recover from our stormy time here on Whidbey Island. By: Mokihana on November 20, at pm. Does the MC qualify for this perspective? By: Mokihana on November 21, at pm. By: Michele Adler on November 21, at pm. Hi, Moki, long time no see. Yes, the Midheaven and Ascendant are counted as points. Is your MC at 29 degrees? By: Donna Cunningham on November 21, at pm. This thread is now a mighty river….. What is to be seen is the outer skeleton of things. What is to be known is the inner essence of things.

The code, the extraordinary revelation, the realization is there inherently in the very substance of existence. A practiced eye can see inside, can penetrate and illuminate. The schooling in perception comes between lives and then overshadows each and every idea or notion anybody can come up with. But to access and do honor to this advanced faculty is rare.

For seeing the whole truth is excruciating to the ego-mind. And therefore the battle is on to awaken to your innermost truth, or to succeed brilliantly in adapting your truth to the marketplace, selling your soul to the highest bidder. Love all your articles! I do have Pluto at 29 Leo 02 on my 2nd cusp.

My Pluto is square my natal Saturn at 27 Scorpio in the 4th. Pluto is also sextile my Neptune conjunct my 4th cusp at 28 Libra. Hi Donna. My sun is at 29 degrees pisces conjunct my midheaven in the 10th house and my 5th house cusp is 29 degrees libra and my 11th house cusp is 29 degrees aries both with the following signs intercepted in those houses.

Just curious about this talk on late blooming as I have had a lot of difficulty in the work place. I am in my mid twenties but I have had some really bad luck when in it comes to jobs getting fired multiple times and coworkers sociopaths who have thrown me under the bus. I have done some research on 29 degrees pisces in the past and it seems most of the information claims it to be a degree of great misfortune. Hi, Jake, sorry for the career difficulties you have. The only true 29th degree factor you have is the Sun, a very important one.

The house cusps you mention all cadent houses cannot count as true ones because they are completely aribitrary and would change depending on which of several possible house systems you use. The cusps of the four angular houses 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th are the four angles, and 29 degrees would count on those houses.

By: Donna Cunningham on November 22, at pm. In ancient times, Scheat was associated with a lot of difficulties, but modern interpretations see it as bringing a high level of artistic, musical and literary ability. With the Sun, it can sometimes mean an independent thinker, which may not always be appreciated in the workplace. If you are in your 20s, that 29 Pisces has probably progressed into the third decanate of Aries, which is ruled by Sagittarius.

Great to see attention to this most crucial degree. As an astrologer, I have rather deliberately stayed away from spending too much time discussing the 29th degree, largely because I am formulating how to come at it. Particularly on the ASC, the 29th degree implies a radical style, an unforgettable and almost unalterable expression of intensely unique personality.

Thanks for the article; I will read it in full. By: Alison M. Gunn, Ph. Alison, the premise of the article is that the 29th degree in a natal chart represents an encapsulation of all three modes of the zodiac: cardinal, fixed, mutable. That accounts for a lot of things that people with the 29th degree in their natal charts express.

In forecasting work, the 29th degree is a threshold degree, can represent an ending followed by a beginning. Interesting ideas about multiple modalities expressed as one. I can certainly attest to the idea that the 29th degree feels like a threshold degree. Thanks very much for your work! Alison, I have seen other astrologers comment on the Janusian effect of the 29th degree, but have never read anything about the 29th degree being connected to the Janusian thinking prevalent in creative types. I have also never seen anything about the dwad influence of that degree.

I was thinking in 50s and 60s. Should 40s be considered as well as someone mentioned above? Sophia, you bring up a good point regarding late bloomers. Mercury at 29 Virgo for me. It seems to mean that mercury retrograde gets me every time. I am also very sensitive to chemicals ans fumes, ect. I have huge ambitions and ideas. I say what I think, and usually with grace. When I want to do something, I do it. Highly idealistic, especially in my youth, though time has tried to dampen that.

Success has yet to come, if ever. Neptune is difficult to wield, if not impossible. I play a handful of musical instruments, paint, film, you name it. I like to do beautiful things in big ways, I suppose that statement would describe most of it. Feeling as though I need to carry out a familial purpose is a YES, and I could totally be down with some dynasty building. An out-of-bounds Moon seems to act in similar ways to the 29th degree, though I know they are different.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Because I thought I was weird because of my Moon being out of bounds, but now this 29th degree stuff has me wondering how the two are truly different. By: B D on November 23, at pm. Thanks for your post, B D. The boundary pushing is what the 29th degree and OOB planets may have in common, and the 29th degree has an encapsulation quality of all three modes that can make for extremes, just as the out of bound declination can. By: Michele Adler on November 23, at pm. Hello Donna, Michelle and all, I would really like to have your view on my 29th degree issue.

I have all cardinal points at 29th degree, with Virgo rising, and also Uranus at 29th degree Scorpio 3th house. Uranus is the ruler of my 5th house Sun in Aquarius. I miss focus and choice. I have many habilities and interests, I did great in various studies, I like to know and explore knowledge 3rd house Sag Moon , I did and try to do many too much things in different fields. One of the things I do is astrology.

I lack direction and money and I am on this for years, so I would like to know where to focus… Thanks a lot. I keep waiting for someone to mention this, but no one has, so I will do it. I admit to dabbling in numerology, but respond to numbers in a rather visceral way rather than traditionally. I do get a tingle when I see the number Along with 22, 33, 44, etc.

Dear DoNNA…. I have a sun 29 virgo. Also, I wasa lonely child with a love for everything occult; even at a very early age. I married twice…went through many trials and tribulations. I had a good job, a family but was never happy, there was a part of me I felt was always missing. Not only am I learning but I am understanding what I have learned. But this time the information is richer, deeper and more meaningfulf. I was really worried about my second saturn return, was worried it would be too harsh.

After writing this, maybe that is what the second saturn return is about…wisdom granted. Just wondered if anyone else had a master number in their birthdate or name name that also had the 29th degree in chart? Wow, this opens up a whole new can of worms for me! This thread is very interesting. Am in bed sick so not feeling too energetic about participating at the moment. Both my full name and my birthdate add up to I am 49 now.

What I can tell you is that because the number one is associated with the pattern of learning creativity and confidence, there are often wild swings between feelings of confidence, and feelings of underconfidence, and likewise with creative abilities versus blocked creative forces in a person. Remember that when anyone is associated with a certain numerological pattern, their Life Lessons revolve around the lessons inherent in those numbers; it is not that others are not creative or confident, it is just that when you are assigned these numbers for learning; YOUR LESSONS involve struggling and mastering these talents.

Creativity and Confidence. The creative urge will be markedly strong, and will be expressed in a powerful and magnetic Rush of energetic force, intense and exciting to witness. This creative urge Must be expressed, whether the person chooses to use it for good or for more self destructive ends: music, artistic creations, cooking, creating of any sort, leadership, teaching, etc. It has guided me profoundly in the last 25 years of my life. Along with other touchstones. The cover of the book is blue. Blessings and light, and I hope you are feeling much better as you read this message.

By: Donna Cunningham on January 8, at am. I had no idea that 11 had so much to do with creativity.. I also have Jupiter in Leo in 5th so the creativity thing is very important to me. Yet what you said does explain a sort of tension between that and the confidence to go for it and live and manifest my creative ideas. Very interesting how you have observed this in your family members. I wonder if any of my family have this number pattern…or some other.

I have another book by Dan Millman.. Thanks again for your kindness in replying. Great thread, folks! My 2nd h. Uranus in 29 Cancer rules my 9th h. I use Placidus but in some h. If I see a word once, I remember its spelling forever. I paint deep space objects and make bone creatures. On the other hand, I have no sense of direction at all and have mistaken my way in a place I lived for 30 years.

In foreign cities I practically memorize the map before going for a walk. Thank goodness for GPSs! Rebellious, yes, but that could be just Aquariosis.


It also opposes Merc Cap 8 and squares out of quality Neptune at 0 Scorp in 5th. Much to think about! By: Jodie Forrest on August 10, at pm. By: Donna Cunningham on August 10, at pm. Yes and being born on the 22nd put my sun at 29th degree. A master number leading to another master number……….

Thanks Donna. When you brought up numerology and the master number 11…I remembered my own connection to the master number Michele you have been so generous with your observations — North Node is in Virgo 29 and South Node in Pisces 29 and has a collective influence could you please say something about how that may play out…..

Subra, are you using the mean node or the true node? Also, I am using an iPad right now and having a more difficult time responding to notes. By: Michele Adler on November 25, at pm. Subhra, I would interpret 29 Virgo as a blending of Leo-Virgo-Libra, and think that the Leo placement would give additional creative ability. The Nodal axis is, among other things, related to boundaries, and perhaps its interpretation in your chart might relate to that.

Things that fit: a absent parents Mother was a nurse. Worked nights, slept through her free days. Now I speak and write in both of them fluently. I also learned to draw early on. I have a vivid imagination and goy interested in writing as early as at 6. I still write. Though my mother taught me the basics of astrology since I was five she said I was the only of her sons who was receptive to it , I learned most of it at twenty when I had a re-sit and decided to study astrology books instead.

I have a ton of various interests and hobbies. Apart from drawing or writing, I dabble in various other art forms: I edit videos. I do translations. I paint digitally. I write poetry. He drank, I stayed sober all my life. He was greedy and dishonest — I have problems accepting money and am paranoid about turning in shoddy work. And an outsider. I was the quiet, peaceful, conflict-avoiding type who was bullied through most of the time spent in elementary school. This also carried over to my first two highschool years until my bullies found out what a difficult situation I have at home.

I love sci-fi. I love to write it. I love biographies of geniuses, highly creative people, inventors like Nicola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci. I love developments in science, design, technology. I force myself to scratch things of chore lists to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed. With Saturn in the first in Scorpio I want to have full control over these kinds of extreme emotions.

I would love to leave something innovative behind. I write short stories in unique subgenres: like a mystery story involving the restless ghosts of a pirate ship crew. Interesting what you said about stars and Pleiades. Pluto is opposed this Sun tightly conjunct ASC on the side of the twelfth and I almost died during birth. I was born past term, I had to be reanimated using — ironically — modern, nigh futuristic technology for that time. As for Algol, I blame it for many head-related ailments or injuries I had. Interesting what you write about Me-Nep aspects giving talent for music.

In my case its weird. Not a remix of something I heard. I associate it with Mercury-Neptune being one of only two major aspects Mercury in Taurus makes this Pluto-Mercury opposition being the other. By: antipaladinpedigri on November 25, at pm. Hi, I can identify with most of these. I also have Saturn-Sun opposition. Maybe it has similar qualities as the 29 degree. Hope things work out for you.

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By: antipaladinpedigri on November 26, at pm. Hi antipaladinpedigri, I can relate to the majority of what you just wrote. I believe your mood swings are your 29 degree moon. I have my ASC at Cancer. I must add that I was born on a New Moon at Taurus. Curiously enough, the comment about asynchrony hit close to home. Same goes for reading a dial clock. Simple math like multiplication or fractions baffled me back in school I was bad at math all my life.

I too have Mercury in Taurus and for the life of me had the most difficulty with Algebra, though I loved Geometry. I love languages too…even spent my first year after high school in France…I just loved the sound of the language and tuned my ear like one would for singing so I could get the accent right. I loved hearing about the symphonies you hear before sleep. What a great gift.

How wonderful to be so attuned. I once heard a symphony while in a meditation. It felt like the very sound of the universe at a higher level was music. It was so beautiful. Have you studied any music? Do you have a Caseo or such? Thank you for the wonderful conversation here. I finally found people who shares the same questions that I have. The North Node is stationary.

I have always walked my own way. This stationary North Node goes with the family. My father has it, but in different sign and degree. Both my kids have stationary North Node. We all are wanderers here. Or better but this way: I know where I want to go and how but the life around me makes it difficult to happen. Thank you! To me, it represents a departure from past patterns and will pay off positively if you develop the qualities of that sigh and house.

Use the search engine at the top right hand corner of this blog. In your case, you will ultimately find a constructive way to blend the best qualities of Leo and Virgo. By: Donna Cunningham on November 26, at am. I have read your article about out of sign conjunctions, it was one of those important things in this journey that I have with my North Node and especially with my Moon.

But maybe I should pay more attention to Leo as a sign. Leo needs to be heard I think. But I have stationary Saturn in my chart and Capricorn Sun, so my path goes slowly but firmly forward. The last solar eclipse before my birth was at Leo 29, so this serious Carpicorn-Virgo type should use those qualities for good and enjoy life with Leo taste in everything. I must read your article again and the comments also. With this knowledge about 29th degree, I might be a bit wiser after reading things again. One more obsevation, Sanna. One of my many astrology teachers, Charles Jayne, wrote extensively about the importance of the prenatal eclipse, and the fact that yours was at 29 Leo really verifies the importance of that degree in your chart.

Sanna, anything in the 29th degree always changes through secondary progressions and solar arc directions. Also, the fixed star Regulus is now at 00 Virgo I also have Uranus at 29th degree Scorpio 3th house. I have many skills and interests, I did great in various studies, I like to know and explore knowledge 3rd house Sag Moon , I did and try to do many too much things in different fields. Uranus in 2nd opposed Mars in 8th in Gemini makes my financial situation extremely unstable all life long. Same as me. He also said money always appears unexpectedly, seemingly out of nowhere, from surprising sources when he needs it.

Same with me. I wonder — is your 3rd house Uranus close enough to the 2nd house cusp, so it could switch houses when you switch house systems? Uranus in the 2nd can also mean income from a variety of different sources. I have that placement conj the Sun and worked for many years for an electric utility, which is ruled by Uranus. It does mean fluctuation, but it can also mean income from unusual sources, or income that comes unexpectedly. These are such good interpretations, Michelle. By: Donna Cunningham on December 1, at am. Yes, they certainly are, Donna. I am still marveling at the synchronicity of the late bloomer comments.

Late blooming and pushing boundaries—the latter one of the things you see a lot in charts with 29 degrees—do seem to go together. By: Michele Adler on December 1, at pm. I found a lot of late blooming qualities among stellium folks, especially those with more than one outer planet. By: Donna Cunningham on December 1, at pm. So in order to be a stellium-late bloomer does one have to have the stellium in 29 degs, or generally in a sign? So the first cluster is Mercury, Pallas, Pholus and Lilith but it 5 degs apart. I beginning to think the stellium works like a conjunction where the energy of one planet overshadows the other and because of it it can take a human significantly more years to utilise these energies.

I have the Sun and 3 planets in Gemini, and always thought I wanted to be a newspaper reporter when I was younger. That would have bored me senseless. As it turned out, I was always in jobs that had multiple responsibilities—writing, editing, designing publications, doing public relations events, etc. By: Michele Adler on December 2, at am. Sadly, I have yet to catch up on programming to kick-start my lifelong dream of creating video games.

Thank you so much, Michele! No, I was just noting that many stellium holders are late bloomers regardless of whether they have a planet in the 29th degree or not. By: Donna Cunningham on December 2, at am. Well, I did explore my stash of famous folks with stelliums, and not quite as many 29 degrees as I anticipated, but still a lot. Here they are in sign order. Perhaps you could consider Prince Charles a late bloomer, in that he is now in his mid 60s and not yet king. And I think most of us are rooting for William to be the next king, maybe including Charles himself. The unexpectedness part has been a thing all my life.

Because of the connection with the 8th I often got unexpected financial help from other people. This also suggests the thing about multiple sources of income is true. No, Uranus is on the 3rd house both in placidus or equal house systems. My problem with money is just the consequence of not being able to stay in a job. Whenever I do the effort to compromise and sacrifice with a job, money enters with no problem. I have thought about 29 Mutable, because the next degree for 29 Mutable is 00 Cardinal, and that may have more significance.

Michelle, that is exactly my case, sorry if I did not explain so well, english is not my mother tongue. Mariana, I think vocation and profession require an analysis beyond the 29th degree. Donna is an expert on this. I generally look at the 10th, 2nd and 6th houses, as well as the pre-natal eclipse. You can also look at the prominent signs in your chart, because they can sometimes point towards a particular industry.

I have a stellium in Leo, and worked for many years in the hotel and restaurant industry. Leo is also the sign of show business, and has to do with creativity and children. Michelle, have you any research on cardinal points at 29th degree? I have them all as explained in this post. My MC is I have no planets in the 10th house.

Mars is in Libra in 3rd house at What would you like to know and what can you share that will further enlighten me? Thank you. By: jillness1 on November 26, at pm. I would be interested in knowing how that 29 Aries has played out where work, career or profession is concerned. The 29th degree of Aries is best served when the Piscean intuition and the resourceful Taurean energies are activated.

Thank you for your reply, Michele. I am working on finding new ways to structure what I do and how I offer it to others. Intuition could be useful. I need to trust that part more. Saturn in Pisces in the 8th. Jupiter is in the 11th house at 23 degrees. Is it close enough for a sextile to MC? Teaching …? By: jillness1 on December 4, at pm. By: Michele Adler on December 4, at pm. Hi there! How about having the MC at I have no idea how that manifests in my life. Being a permanent student would be my dream vocation. But 29 degrees Libra.. I did just obtain a Cosmetology license this year at the grand old age of Does that count?

I take that back. I do understand in myself, but I have a very difficult time explaining it to others. I was just reading the comments here. Jupiter at degrees Cancer. And of course, the famous Uranus Pluto conjunction of Oh, and then my Sun, that sits on the Raven at degrees of Libra. Am I fun, or what? I would have to say that the second half of life is proving to be a whole lot more interesting, entertaining and livable than the first.

Great topic! Always love to read your stuff. By: Skye Irving on November 26, at pm. Hello, I have always wondered what my 29th degree planets meant. Thanks, Rose. Rose, how has the 29th degree played out in Jupiter? Jupiter also relates to education, so sometimes they are self taught. How would a retrograde play into this? My Saturn is retrograde at 29 degrees 11 minutes of Aquarius in the 3rd house. Does the fact that this particular Saturn had recently been in Pisces affect anything?

By: Charles Smith on November 28, at pm. By: Donna Cunningham on November 29, at am. That is one interpretation of retrograde Saturn, regardless of the degree. Hi everyone and thank you so much for the discussion. It is also conjunct the Venus. Definitely a late bloomer if indeed I bloom at all. My experience is such that although I have a rich and studious inner world and intellect- I have always tested INTJ with the Meyers Briggs and am strongly introverted, I have grown over the years to keep most all of my ideas to myself.

I rarely share with others my ideas and philosophies except in very small instances. This has led to a kind of existence where I have an inner life that rarely matches up with an outer persona. Even in my artwork, Tarot work and astrology I am very careful to edit my true voice assuming it too far out for others to be comfortable with, realizing of course it is me that is truly uncomfortable with sharing. I have kept an art blog for many years though and here and there, in small amounts I speak about my inner creative world.

Early on I was overtly and impulsively rebellious and disobedient for which I still feel regret for as it lead to unfortunate consequences. In terms of relationships too- I had only two early ones-one a disastrous marriage from which I ended up raising three children on my own. Interesting to see some correlation with independence and this degree. Anyway, very interesting to read the article and what everyone has shared and learning much from the discussion.

By: Janine on November 29, at pm. I have a 29 degree Capricorn moon in the 5th house. I too am a late bloomer and have had a very unique and different type of life. I have unique and unusual abilities. This discussion, and what others having this 29 degree are saying exemplifies the 29th degree and all that it entails and touches on what it requires of us.

I also have Saturn at 8 Leo in my 11th house conjunct Pluto at 13 Leo in the 11th. This could prove to be a fascinating discussion and I hope it continues. Does anyone know how I can read it online?

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  • I already paid for the back issue…. Pretty much dying of curiosity here. Happy reading! Thanks, Mary! Thanks for your help, Pammy. I am actually looking forward to getting a subscription! How did the eclipse 29 Pisces affect you all? March I believe. For me with a 29 Taurus Venus it was highly tumultuous, believe it or not. Are you more like me than I suspect? Does simply being human create these conundrums?

    Perhaps I have not bulked up enough courage-muscle to resolutely face who, and how I have grown? Do you, like me, feel limits the coerced you into acquiescing, and boundaries you allowed to hold you back? Have we learned to embrace greater risk? Have we learned to accept our greater light?

    There will be a Basket of Grace on the table in all upcoming classes to receive coin of the realm. Thank you in advance for your always generous hearts. Dear friends novemeber Winter Solstice arrives Dec. Save the date! Shake out your glitterati —golden finery. Your email address will not be published. A backward Janusian face-off.