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And the two previous Neptunian transits suggest that the party will not begin to recover from this until the Spring of If Smith were to win the leadership, most people would expect Labour to get back to business as normal fairly quickly.


Between and , Uranus in Gemini will return to the Labour T Square so its possible that we could wait that long for another Labour government. As I said at the beginning of this article, the Universe does not actually want us to know the future and one of the ways its did this with the current Labour party situation is lead Capricorn Research up the garden path with the wrong chart. Astrology and Celebrity — all in the timing.

In just over a year since the election it has become clear why. It is indeed a tricky business even when you have the right charts to go on. According to Wikipedia the party was a actually founded in under the name of the Labour Representation Committee This chart has an Aquarian strength with the Moon and Mars in the sign. But there is one way to test these charts and that is with actual events.

The history of the Labour Party has 4 particularly auspicious time periods. So the chart seems to work pretty well.

Reader - Ask The Answer - Pandora - tarot,psychic,clairvoyant

The result was that Labour remained in opposition for 18 years. This was not the only time a Neptune transit caused a split in the Labour party however. Neptune remained in the T Square through until the summer of So if we fast forward to the present.

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Neptune was again conjunct the Labour Sun for January and February this year. Neptune then remains in the T square until February There is no real sign of a winner in the transits to either chart. In both previous Neptunian periods Labour was not elected for another decade. But who knows, Neptune moves in mysterious ways. Prediction is something that works so much better for the past. The Turning Point in Your Life?

If you are interested in deepening these aspects, read my new article on Aries-Mars. It is available both in German and English language. Check link in my Bio and choose 'Blog'. Mercury Quincunx Chiron: Healing the inner dialog that causes you to be self- conscious. Los Angeles, California.

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There's a case of the Neptunes in the air. This is due to Mars ruling Aries, who is the polar opposite of the Librian vibration. You will see others standing up for those who need someone to advocate for them.

Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Energetically, this is excellent for connecting on relationship levels, romantic, platonic, collaborative ventures, and things of that nature. Caring on a deep level for those who deserve your time and energy. The artistic side of Mars comes out and brings passion to whatever it is you are trying to create on an artsy level. Mindfulness is another area that takes center stage, so people tend to be concerned about their actions affecting others, plus try to do the right thing and keep the peace.

There can be issues when trying to please others if you give too much because it generally results in anger. This kind of transit can influence moody behavior like being a pressure cooker waiting to bubble over because people tend to hide their rage to keep the peace.

2018 Yearly Horoscope (Written) With Michele Knight

Balance can be somewhat self-serving, meaning people adjust the balance for their benefit. Payback for what was deemed unfair is another issue, so scorekeeping and petty fights can break out as well. Mars likes decisive action, and putting indecisive Libra in this placement causes a ton of frustration as well. Fight for what is fair but be objective because that is going to be your best course of action.


Follow zodiac. Attention to Detail. Overcoming Self-Consciousness. Relinquishing Worry. Tweaking it out. Building up the strength and flexibility of the body ego so it can contain the potent energies of the unconscious is at the core of this work. The rigid defenses locked deep within our musculature, will not truly release from acts of force, only through true surrender to the archetypal primary forces of the unconscious energies that are generated within. Without integrity in the body structure, it is very difficult, if not dangerous, to open to new levels of consciousness.

And without a solid container, the transcendent energies cannot take residence. Jungian psychology deals with the metaphor at the core of the addiction and complex to understand the deeper patterns accompanying the symptoms. As Martha Graham so aptly discovered: the body reveals what words cannot. The gift of authentic movement is learning the vocabulary and poetry of your unconscious in a similar manner as one would do in dream work and journaling. You start to uncover your own unique symbolism through the movements your body naturally morph into as a response to the moment.

The body has an unbelievable capacity to guide you into unraveling your own pent up aggression, blocks, and other emotional knots that are probably in dire need of expression. It also helps people to unveil their own creative process and trust their instincts like never before.

Jungian Authentic Movement workshops begin with ritual elements such as meditation, chanting of sacred mantras, setting intentions and drawing Tarot cards. Sherene will be teaching in New York City until July 20th but the next workshop immersion will be August 16thth, in San Francisco.

The P40 Podcast is devoted to furthering the conversation on Jungian psychology, astrology, art and alchemy. New and Full Moon forecasts plus other significant astrological updates and Jungian Psychology themed discussions.